Protecting Voices in the Age of AI:

As AI technology continues to evolve, voice actors face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. NAVA is at the forefront, championing the rights of voice actors in the wake of AI advancements.

So far, NAVA (National Association of Voice Actors, Inc. 501c6) has met with over 17 Senate and Representatives offices directly on Capitol Hill to ensure that the unique skills and contributions of voice actors are not overlooked or undervalued, as well to ensure all Americans have their voices protected with a federal right of publicity. NAVA has also engaged in political advocacy in the state of California in effort to directly impact legislation at the state and local level.

Additionally, NAVA takes a proactive stance in engaging leaders of AI companies and online casting platforms through constructive conversations to ensure that technological advancements enhance voice actors instead of replace us. By meeting directly with AI industry heads, we share the concerns of our community and advocate for fair compensation, consent and control.

Pursuing the best interest of voice actors everywhere

NAVA believes that every voice deserves volume, and we’re dedicated to amplifying the concerns and aspirations of voice actors across the nation. Our advocacy work encompasses a wide spectrum, focusing on crucial issues like the ethical implementation of AI, promoting diversity within the industry, building community and providing health benefits for VO actors.

Diversity, Inclusion and Community:

NAVA is committed to fostering an industry that reflects the riches of voices and experiences in our society. We actively promote diversity and inclusion within the voice acting community, striving for equal opportunities and authentic representation. Our advocacy extends to the direct influence of agencies, casting directors and production houses through direct meetings and public speaking. Additionally, NAVA supports existing minority focused databases and casting teams, partnering with them to offer community work shops and best practices.

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