about the voiceover survey

The “State of Voiceover in 2022 Survey” was put together by an independent group of voice actors. It is sponsored by Voice Actors of NYC and NAVA: The National Association of Voice Actors. No profit has been generated from this survey, and it is for educational purposes only.

The survey was published on January 15, 2022, and closed on March 15th 2022. The survey was available in both English and Spanish. 1291 responses were collected in total.

The participants in this survey came from 3 main sources:

  1. A few unsponsored posts on Twitter and Reddit
  2. Voiceover-specific facebook groups including but not limited to Voice Actors of NYC, The Gardner Collective, VO School Podcast, Women in Voiceover, VO Mamas, Voiceover Pros, Voiceover Community, Voiceover Universe, VOpreneur, VOcation- Voiceover, and more.
  3. An email list of over 1500 voice actors.

The most encouraging trend we saw in the data collection process was that the results stayed roughly the same after we reached 250 responses. From the 250th response to the 1291st response, the data was nearly unchanged. This tells us we have a fairly representative sample of voice actors.

survey results

Part One