PREVIEW Member Benefits

Healthcare, guidance, members-only discounts, and more. 

Healthcare BenefitS

All NAVA Members have immediate access to the Ease Health Plans

Member offers and discounts

Explore additional discounts and services below. This section will be updated frequently, so please visit us again soon.

HALP Network
NAVA Member Only Classes
25% off All Classes

10% off

Audio Ninja Masterclass from Jordan Reynolds 
20% off any products

10% discount on all live events and recorded content
1st 3 months 50% off on Membership ($29/mo)
$100 off Annual Membership
Disclaimer: Advisory board member David Toback is affiliated with GVAA.

25% off All Workouts
-Disclaimer: NAVA board members Tim Friedlander and Jay Preston own the VOWW.

All members get a FREE printed edition of the most current version of The VORG.
Disclaimer: NAVA board members Tim Friedlander and Jay Preston run the VORG.

25% Discount off Classes
(Good for regular classes only. Please check with Mike at RealVoiceLA for any special guests or classes)

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