Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Every Voice Counts.

At NAVA, we believe that advancement of the voice acting industry requires raising awareness and intentional support of the diverse voices of all performers. We support the following groups and their efforts to increase authentic storytelling in the performance arts.


Established in 2019, the African-American Voice Actor Database is a platform to showcase talented, professional, and authentic African-American voice actors. It is our goal to facilitate connections between amazing talents and agents/voice-seekers. The AAVDB is funded entirely by donations.

ABOUT QUEER VOX Whether you're an actor, an agent, or an industry professional, we have resources for you. Contact us here to learn more, ask questions, or just stay in touch! 1. Educate, showcase, and support queer talent without adding to their financial burden 2. Promote authenticity, diversity, and equity in casting 3. Create safe, inclusive workplaces with open dialogue and collaboration

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